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Compliance Features

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Initial Onboarding Process

When signing up to MediComply we would carry out a personalised onboarding process to understand what compliance activities are completed, through our initial compliance health check form. Once completing the form the compliance activity calendar would prompt you with all the outstanding audits, risk assessments and logs.

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Compliance Activity Calendar

The activity calendar, show all the mandatory and recommended compliance tasks clinics are required to complete. All the red tasks are mandatory and green tasks are recommended. Each tasks can be completed digitally through the e-form, allowing clinics to be digital. No more storage space required. The activity calendar also send automated messages of activities which are required to be completed. Each activity can be customised to your clinics needs.

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500+ Compliance Templates

MediComply provides a library of compliance templates, which are fully customisbale to your clinics. You have access to policies, audits, risk assessment, log and many other compliance templates related to CQC

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MediComply provides an intensive reporting functionality, which can be used to assess many different aspects of compliance and team management

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CPD Courses

MediComply provides you with a library of verified CPD Courses such as Safeguarding Level 1 & 2, Medical Emergency, Cross Infection, Mental Capacity, Consent, Duty of Candour, Information Governance, Confidentiality, Health & Safety, and much more

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HR Management

MediComply provides you the perfect tool to management your team. Employee can request for holidays and overtime. You can create team rota according to your clinic requirements. It also provides you with the most essential HR Templates

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CQC Ratings

Requires Improvement

The Medicomply software is designed to let clinics know how compliant they are to the CQC Key Line of Enquiry. The dashboard meters show the percentage of compliant activities completed